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Updated: Feb 29

During the month of March, when you come into our clinic, please help yourself to some 春季和谐排毒茶 ("Chunji Hexie Paidu Cha" or Spring Harmony Detox Tea) at the front desk.

As the world awakens from the cold embrace of winter, the advent of spring brings with it a sense of renewal and rejuvenation. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), this season is an opportune time for detoxification and harmonizing the body's Qi, or vital energy.

A quintessential embodiment of this philosophy is the Chunji Hexie Paidu Cha (Spring Harmony Detox Tea), a herbal concoction revered for its ability to align the body with the vibrant energy of spring.

What does "春季和谐排毒茶" mean?

The Chinese herbal formula "Chunji Hexie Paidu Cha" (春季和谐排毒茶) beautifully encapsulates the essence of spring and traditional Chinese wellness practices. Let's break down the name of the tea and delve into the significance of spring in Chinese history and the celestial stem theory, offering a deeper understanding of this seasonal transition.

  • 春季 (Chūn jì): "Spring season" - '春' means spring, symbolizing renewal, growth, and the start of a new year in many East Asian cultures. '季' refers to season, indicating the specific time of year this formula is designed for.

  • 和谐 (Hé xié): "Harmony" - This term reflects the aim of achieving a balanced and harmonious state within the body and between the body and nature.

  • 排毒 (Pái dú): "Detoxify" - '排' means to remove or eliminate, and '毒' refers to toxins or poisons. Together, they emphasize the formula's purpose in cleansing the body of toxins.

  • 茶 (Chá): "Tea" - The final character specifies the form of this traditional remedy, a beverage to be consumed.

Come enjoy this special tea blend just for March 2024 during your visit!

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