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Jordan Delagrange, CMT

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Techniques Offered:

Deep Tissue, Swedish, Stretching, Lymphatic Drainage, Prenatal, Cupping, Foot Reflexology, Orthopedic Assessment, Acupressure, Craniosacral, Medical Qigong, TENS Therapy, Myofascial Release, PNF Neuromuscular Technique


My Practice:

I pursue a harmonious balance between the patient’s lifestyle, orthopedics and bioelectrical aspect of the body. I assess any imbalances and apply the appropriate counterbalance to help guide the patient to better health. In my medical studies I apply both eastern/western theory and methodologies.

My Story:

As an owner of the Sanctuary of Art and Healing, I've always held the belief that the environment in which healing takes place is just as important as the healing practice itself. It was this belief that inspired me to create this sanctuary back in 2020. Over the last three years, I've been privileged to see this vision come to life.

I believe that a truly healing environment is one that feels safe, comfortable, and nurturing - a place that feels like home. That's why I've put so much effort into creating a space that embodies these qualities. From the moment you step into our sanctuary, you're welcomed into a peaceful, serene atmosphere, where you can let go of stress and focus on healing.

For the healers who practice their art here, my aim is to provide a space that respects and supports their expertise and hard work. I believe that each healer should be able to cultivate their own success, rather than feeling exploited or constrained by someone else's profit motives. At the Sanctuary of Art and Healing, every healer has the freedom and support to practice their art in the way that they believe is best for their patients.

To me, the essence of healing lies in connection - connection to oneself, to the healer, and to the surrounding environment. My hope is that by fostering a supportive, welcoming, and home-like space, the Sanctuary of Art and Healing can enhance these connections and facilitate a truly holistic healing experience.

“Choose the positive. You have choice, you are master of your attitude, choose the positive, the constructive. Optimism is a faith that leads to success.”– Bruce Lee

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